#10: tenebrisia, stage i.

“One of the mysteries of the body is why the heart does not develop cancer…the heart squeezes itself again and again without the least trace of malignancy. On the other hand, the only pleasure the heart receives is imaginary.”

“Why the Heart Never Develops Cancer”, Bill Mohr

I told him never to tell anyone. She never approached me. She never knew. No one was supposed to know. The laughs. The insults. The camaraderie of a classroom filled with glee at the knowledge of a nerdy fifth grade boy who liked a quiet fifth grade girl. His first crush. The embarrassment of a lifetime. The mistrust of a classmate. The emptiness of a secret, now known by the society of fit-ins. Never did I approach her. Never did she look at me ever again. A fifth grade boy, making the mistake to trust, is where the darkness began. Longing to see the light; instead, the darkness became might.