He eavesdropped on my Skype conversation with her a few days ago. How dare he. After I told him I didn’t need help with my computer. Kept telling me how boring I am. How being a doctor during the week and soup kitchen guy on the weekends was a waste of time. How I’d never charm this girl via Skype just by being a good person. And yet, because he’s the CEO of a massive global tech security company, that somehow I had to listen to him. Even though in grade school, he was so quick to tell the whole class about how I had to wash my hands ten times a day in the boys’ bathroom, and everyone would just start poking my hands just so they could see how much I hated being around them. And yet, he’s the winner. My parents love him. My hospital loves him. Everyone I know thinks he’s the greatest nerd in the history of the world. And yet I’m the unpopular one because I’m the only one who thinks he’s a cold-hearted son-of-a-bitch. All I wanted was to see how good he actually was with fixing a computer. Instead, I walked out knowing full well that my conversations with her – and my entire life, has been a complete waste of time.