Come closer, dear sir. Don’t make this space between us. Close your eyes, and don’t even think about peeking. Closer to me, you can just hear my whisper……what? Ha. You didn’t think I would let you, did you? You honestly thought that it would be this easy to kiss me? You believe that you and I…you’ve told me so many times before how beautiful I am. And I believe every word, every time you say it. I like hearing you say it. I like you. You’re the sweetest of them all, kind, gentle. But no, this won’t be easy for you. I’m not going to let you just take me like that. You’ll have to work a lot harder if I’m what you want. If every guy were like you, they wouldn’t just charm me away just for me to see their true side a few months, years, even decades from now. I think you’re special. But I don’t know for sure. Do you? Can you prove to me you know who you are? Can I fall in love with the same guy over again, every single day, without doubting whether you love me? I need to know. Then you can kiss me. Forever and a day. I promise. But only if I fall for you. And only you.