If I could take a walk with you, by your side, and recount everything that happened, everything you’re feeling, every step that was taken before you got here, I would try to figure out every last detail. I want to figure out all the answers for you. For what he did to you, you deserve at least that much. This was no mistake, not of your own; that much I know. I almost want to become you, a VCR version of yourself, and rewind to the day when you felt like everything was going to be okay. To see if I can compare my thoughts to your own on the day when you became friends, when you thought you fell in love, and when he showed you the ring. To see if at least I could find the moments where you could’ve said “no”, the places where you maybe felt an ounce of doubt and chose to ignore it. But all I can do is hear the stories, ask the questions, and hope you’ll answer. I know you might think I have no clue and can’t do anything for you, because I have no life experience and have nothing to offer you. But I can listen. Write. Research. Obsess. Analyze. Everything you’re probably doing, and perhaps trying to ignore it. But I can’t ignore you. Because I was with you before, and I’m still with you now. I’ll walk with you, because I still believe in you.