Anime. Video games. Lifesaving. Catholic liturgy. Photography. Technology. Networking. Security. Music. Psychology. Cars. Criminal justice. Civil service. Government. Politics. Archery. Education. Pedagogy. Once I say, “I’m interested in that,” you test me. I can see can your face as you write me off as soon as I say, “I don’t know about that.” Please…don’t. I’m trying to learn, and you’re not helping when you stop talking to me like I should’ve known. I feel as though I ask questions about these things, and perhaps maybe I would’ve just been better off looking them up on my phone. I want to know the world without feeling like I don’t belong to it. I want to know what it is about that topic that excites you so much, because it excites me too. Teach me, tell me, ask me how I’m doing with learning what it is you already have. Once you start going off in other directions, I’ll try to keep up, but just know my mind is processing other things too. I’ll get there, though. I just need time. But if you don’t have patience for me, I understand. Neither does anyone else.