I want to tell you. Everything inside of me is burning up courage when I see your searching gaze. You always come back with something that makes me laugh and think. And it’s easy to talk to you. But it’s hard to tell you things about you. It’s hard to say things to you when I don’t know how you’ll react, when I know the littlest thing could set you off. When my rambling goes on for a while, you always win the world’s wittiest woman contest. You like to listen to me, until you start asking questions. Then I always end up saying the wrong thing. It’s like I feel every time you look into my eyes to search for an answer, when you ask me a question to listen to my voice and see where you stand with me, you are really trying to see whether I truly care about you. And I do. I care about you so much, when the rest of the world doesn’t. I enjoy your “OMG” rants after every class where the teacher hasn’t considered the impact of their homework assignment on student morale. You’re wonderful. I’m just not sure how to say it, because, I don’t want to be wrong.