It was weird when he kept calling me to do things, so I just kept blowing him off. Excuses that I had to be with my friends and stuff. You know, the usual way to keep people away. My own art teacher now wanting to hang out with me. Ugh. Maybe he’ll figure it out and actually find friends of his own. Turns out, he was much worse off than I thought. I don’t think you’re supposed to be texting a girl ten years younger than you every day. But by the time I graduated, we were now both adults, so he must have thought it was okay. It was for me too, at first, but. Now he’s gone. Every winter, he joked about testing the freezing waters below the bridge just so he could make some performance art out of it. Evidently, that was his plan. He had always talked about how lonely he was. And maybe that’s where things got weird for me. And yet, I learned something from him. But that water is really cold. I wish my attitude wouldn’t have been as frigid.