We all thought it was a joke. He wasn’t one for fun and games, other than video games. So when we first saw the will, we thought maybe it was a silly mistake by the lawyer, because Grant couldn’t come up with anything for his tombstone just because he was so young. But no, the lawyer insisted it was authentic, and to his direct wish: “Good Riddance.” We all wanted to change it to something else, but we knew it wouldn’t really reflect how he felt about himself. We should have been more careful. Listened to him. Maybe done things for him. He did so much for all of us. He would fly out at 2am because Rachel was pregnant and didn’t want to be. He’d listen patiently to Mike’s ridiculous adventures in Skyrim, even though Super Smash Bros. was his thing. You’d just ask him, and he’d do it. No complaints. But he’d always want to tag along to whatever we were doing. And for some reason, we’d always have an reason for him to stay home. We didn’t really want to be his friends. But he never stopped being ours.