I’m at a loss. I’ve tried everything, almost in vain, it seems. I know I made mistakes along the way. I know maybe I shouldn’t have said the things I’ve said. But you know where I’ve been, and all I asked was for you to just be with me a while. If I wanted to talk to you, it’s because I just really needed you. Not just anyone. You. I’m not really sure how to say anything more than this: I’m sorry. But I can see it’s not enough. Our friendship was going somewhere. Maybe you thought differently; maybe you believed that I had other intentions. I wish you would’ve just asked. I’m afraid to say a lot of things to you too. I am constantly afraid of losing you. And now all those fears have already come true. I’ve apologized for what I’ve done, and all you’ll ever do is refuse to understand me. You have seen better days with me. I just wish you’d want to see more of them.