Come on, you really didn’t think this through. We all make a mess so desperate people like you can clean it up. That’s how this works. We make a mess, we break things; you clean it up. If we actually had to clean this up, why would we need you around? We keep you around to make things right when we screw up. That’s the only reason why we keep you. No, we’re not supposed to make you feel good about anything. That’s your problem. You clean up your own messes. How dare you forget: you need us more than we need you. There’s nowhere to go for you to survive. You keep coming back, begging to have us so you can feel like you belong. So stop complaining. You do it our way, or we let you go; you’re replaceable. (We have to remind you of this?) It’s lonely out there, isn’t it? Yeah. So shut up and stop thinking you know better than us. You’re the one with the problem. Oh look, there’s another one. It’s your problem now, too.