You know, she won’t tell you what she’s thinking. She doesn’t even know how to show it sometimes. She just…does her own thing, you know? Well, of course you do; you’ve known her for a while. She’s different; yes, I know. I can tell you like her, though. I can see what your eyes are saying when you’re around her. I’m a mom…you should expect this. She’s at the archery range a lot more since you really got her going into it. I mean, she liked it, but she didn’t do it as much as you guys do it together now. I know she tried really hard to keep you at a distance for a long time…thought it was weird that her math tutor would suddenly simply be friends with her. But she’s talking a lot about you now. She’ll never say these things, and worse, she’s really good at hiding it. If you really want to know what’s going through her mind…you’ll need to find out who she is. She’s a tough woman – she always has been. So unique, that one. I can’t tell you everything because, well, she’d kill me. Oh! Here she comes. That chicken pasta looks fantastic. You certainly know how to cook. She’ll love it. Don’t forget: the spices are right where she’s walking towards you.