I love being your friend. I’m so glad we can talk about the world, politics, and the occasional happenings of What’s-His-Face on Down-The-Street. Every time you text me, it’s like I know you care about me. A lot. You always find something to compliment me on, and even when I’m super busy, you’re finding conversation with me. You never get annoyed with me, you never tell me I’m wrong, and you rarely piss me off, save for the few times you ask me if I want to take that weeklong trip to Orlando (have you ever asked me if I even like it there? I don’t. I hate it). It’s so convenient having you around, you know? Everything I ask you to do, you go above and beyond. You’re so loyal. You’re so smart. You do everything. You learn everything. Like a puppy. Gosh, if every hot guy were like you, I’d actually have dating material! Haha. I know; you love all my jokes. Oh, and one more thing…request…whatever. Come on by tonight. Don’t bring your stupid video games or DVDs. I kinda need a favor from you. I’m sure you won’t mind it. And don’t get any ideas – this’ll be quick. It’ll feel about as good our friendship is. Short, sweet, and only what I need from you. Gosh, you’re an amazing friend. See you then.