You broke my heart when our friendship was final. You were the most beautiful person to grace my sophomore year of high school. Our phone conversations were the most amazing times of my life that summer. I actually felt like I had a true connection with someone – and no class of thirty-six could actually make fun of me for even liking you. I never had enough time to look through your grass green eyes and see what it was that troubled you about me. You never gave me any warning towards the end of that summer that I had become too much for you. When we had our one and only fight, I wasn’t thinking about the time I glossed over a locked up memory you told me and I completely missed, nor did I consider how much of a jerk I was for jokingly stubbing your toe. All I remember is you avoiding me, each day, forever, until high school was over. I remember how much it felt like concrete exploding inside. And how much I didn’t understand why you did it. It has been twelve years, so I’ll take a guess now: I sought my childhood friend in you, the one I never truly had. I was clearly wrong. I’m sorry I did this to you. I’ll let you go now. I hope someday you can tell me if I guessed right.