I found your op-ed website today. You’ve kept bugging me to check it out for the last few months, and I’m such a lazy bum that I never really bothered to check it out. (Truth: I actually Googled about five different variations on how it’s actually named. I was honestly way too embarrassed to text you and ask again. You know, because I’m really attentive to what you say.) ((Alternative truth: you were #14 on the iTunes News Podcasts directory in popularity. But I bet you knew that.)) Newspit. Okay, not the most creative name in showbiz, but hey, I found it, right? I was reading an article on post-scientific research capabilities within the human realm of corporate control on The Atlantic, and I saw your picture on there. It had to be you. I clicked on the citation below it, and finally I found stuff only you could write. I’d know that face anywhere. (Truth: nobody has ever mentioned PSRCHRC but you, so that made it easier to Google after giving up on finally trying “News-hit”.) ((Alternative truth: that guy next to you in that pic looks so hot. Like, hot dogs hot. Red and…never mind.)) But…wow, are you opinionated. You are really into this stuff. I am into researching crowd psychology too, and a post-truth world…but it’s as if you’ve been predicting it for so long. I was just wondering whether we’d ever go back, and you…your site is incredible. And overwhelming. And…eye-opening. Like I see a different side of you. Like I can agree and disagree about things you really care about without confronting you. I am starting to understand you now. Yes, it’s true, corporate America will reign supreme unless true scientific methods are employed by grassroots networks of educated people. But it’s as if I just discovered this underground network towards reaching your mind. Now I have to ask: what’s behind the romantic messaging through time-based encryption? Because that seems to be the #1 trending re-tweeted article. (Truth: You are one ridiculously intelligent girl.) ((Alternative truth: I am smart enough to stay away from you.))