I remember how awkward you were in high school with your ridiculous glasses and your attachment to any kind of anime artwork. You were the kind of girl no guy actually really wanted, and I didn’t find you attractive at all. You put on tons of makeup, only to hide from groups wherever you could. We talked a little, but being that I was the senior and you were the freshmen, there wasn’t really a whole lot I could associate with you except making sure the other seniors didn’t hurt you. But then years later, I walk by the frozen lake, and I see a beautiful young woman, lying on the snow, covered with a thick blue jacket, jeans, and a bright red beanie that could be spotted for a mile. Your long brown hair was just slightly covered with snow crystals. You had no makeup on, your glasses were nowhere to be found, and all I saw was this stunning face that smiled at me with the warmth of the sun behind you. I barely recognized you but then heard your unchanged, soft voice, just more confident now. We caught up about your college experience and how you’re still loving anime but totally into photography now (why couldn’t this have been in high school?). Your green eyes complemented the excitement in your voice about returning to school in California and how life is so much less boring than here. We’re Facebook friends, sure, but this is something I never really could tell you right now: I miss you. I wish it wouldn’t be so awkward to tell you because we never really talk, but it’s so great when we do. I don’t know how you feel about me. You’re so different now.